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Crossnore Presbyterian Church

Member PCUSA

CPC Financial Donations to our Local and Global Communities
May through September 2023
Total = $12,281


Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture Double Up Food Bucks Program (BRWIA) - $1,000.
Our donation is being used to help with the BRWIA Double Up Food Bucks Program which allows people to bring their SNAP/EBT card, W.I.C. or Senior FMNP vouchers to a participating farmers' market and receive twice the food for their purchase. Families have expressed their appreciation and need for this program and how it gives them the ability to access higher quality, fresh foods. One Double Up Food Bucks customer said, “Double Up has provided me, a single mother, a way to feed my child local organically grown produce. This goes beyond just feeding my child organic food but contributes to supporting his overall health. It has relieved me of having to make hard choices between feeding my child nutritious food to support his development or making this month's rent.” In 2022, BRWIA contributed $65,700 of Double Up Food Bucks!


BRWIA is sponsoring a High Country Farm Tour on October 8. Visit their website: Broken Wheels Ministry - $481.00
Our donation went towards replacing a transmission in a single-parent’s car. She lost her job because her car stopped running. With a fixed car, she was able to get her job back. This is a new ministry in Newland founded by veterans and first responders that assist with maintaining or gaining transportation for individuals in need. Their mission statement is “Helping those in need so they can help themselves in Jesus’ name.” Broken Wheels is accepting car donations that will be repaired and given to those in need. For more information, contact Bryon Towler at (828)742-1148.


Crossnore Elementary School- $3,000.
Crossnore Elementary School has 200 students enrolled this year with 63% living below the poverty line. Principal Matthew Bentley brags about the students, teachers, and staff who make up a fantastic learning environment. Our donation will go to help pay for tutors and scholarships for 5th graders who cannot afford to go on the annual spring trip to Charleston, SC. The funds were donated by our congregation along with First Baptist Church of Crossnore, Fellowship Presbyterian Church, and Fletcher Presbyterian Church—an ecumenical mission project! Their Facebook page is inspiring!


Daily Change- $1,705.
The plan for “Daily Change” is very simple. Each person puts change in a special bank for each meal he/she eats (coin boxes are available in the church fellowship hall). On the last Sunday of every month, Daily Change is a part of our church’s offering collection. The money is then sent to the Presbytery. Twice a year the Presbytery Hunger Committee reviews grant requests from regional ministries working with those who are poor. The funds are allocated in the following ways: International projects: 55%; Regional projects: 40%; Education and Administrative costs: 5%. $92,000 was donated in 2022. One of the recipients in 2022 was the Community Kitchen in Canton, NC, which received a $10,000 grant. For more information, visit the Presbytery website.


Feeding Avery Families (FAF)- over 500 items (toiletries, cleaning products, and pet food- (estimated value- $1,000).
The staff at Feeding Avery Families told us that there was a great need for things that could not be purchased with food stamps. Our mission project in August collected over 500 items including shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent, toilet paper, diapers, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and pet food. Jason DeWitt and Ty Prior packed up the items and delivered them. In 2022, FAF passed out 42,000 lbs. of food which amounted to over 400,000 meals. Since moving to their new building at 189 Old Vale Road, their ministry continues to grow. Volunteers are needed. Please check out their website:


Kingdom Kids Childcare Center - $1,000.
Our donation covered the overdue payment for a dad who got hurt at work and was struggling to keep up his mortgage and car payments. Pulling his children out of daycare would have meant that the daycare slots would have been given to another family. We helped with two months of overdue payments, so he can continue to pay for childcare as he returns back to work. Look up their Facebook page for more adorable photos! Tammy Johnson, Director, is hoping to open up a new childcare center in the next couple of years that will care for double the number of children.


The Learning Shack- $1,000.
A note from Pana Columbus, Executive Director: “Thank you so much for your generous contribution of $1,000 toward Learning Shack’s Avery County programming. Your kindness literally made it possible to bring Learning Shack programs to Avery County youth. Last year, our Avery families traveled all the way to Yancey County each week to participate in our programs. Largely at the request of our participating families, we are now offering classes in Avery County every week! Your financial contribution significantly helps us with this expansion!” The Learning Shack youth learn about social entrepreneurship through hands-on projects that create income for local businesses and local teens. The photo to your left is of a teenager working as an apprentice with High Country Cabinets—they have offered him a job after he graduates. Take a look at their website:


May Wildlife Center at Lees-McRae College- $300.
The Center annually admits more than 1,500 injured and orphaned wildlife patients from the western part of North Carolina. Some of these patients are orphans who have lost a parent or left the nest too soon. Others have suffered more severe injuries that require complex medical, surgical, and rehabilitative care. In every case, each = patient is evaluated individually and a suitable treatment plan is determined. Regardless of species, staff and students aim to provide outstanding care for every patient that comes through the doors. Director Nina Fischesser, her student staff, and animal ambassadors come every summer to worship with us under the canopy of trees in God’s natural cathedral on Celebrating God’s Creation Sunday. Learn more about the center on their website. /center/index.htm Their Facebook page has great photos!


Minneapolis Food Pantry, a Partner of Volunteer Avery County - over 1,000 grocery items (estimated value- $1,500).
Our July Mission Project was collecting groceries for our hungry neighbors on the other side of the county. Volunteer Avery County has opened up a food pantry in a church in Minneapolis, NC. Many recipients are elderly and not able to get to the food pantries in Newland. We were amazed on the last Sunday of July to have over 120 bags overflowing with grocery items fill the front of our sanctuary. Carroll Berkley and Clarence Kenyon loaded up the truck and delivered all the groceries. The volunteers were in tears and remarked that they had not seen canned tuna or chicken in months. A note from the volunteers: “Your generosity is overwhelming! Thank you so much. God bless each of you because you have been a blessing to many and we are very grateful.” Volunteer Avery County’s phone number is 828-737-0718.


Mountain Alliance of Avery County - $1,000.
A note from Marisa Sedlak, Director: “The Mountain Alliance had an awesome summer! With funding from your church, we were able to send five Avery High students out West on an epic Rolling Academy trip. They visited Mt. Rushmore, the Devil's Tower, toured Mizzou's campus, visited the City Museum of St. Louis, attended a professional rodeo, hiked at Badlands National Park, and more! The Fall semester is going great! We are hosting our after-school program Monday through Thursday. Over Labor Day weekend we took students on a trip to Watauga Lake for camping, hiking, canoeing, and caving- it was an awesome time! Coming up we have a climbing trip to Grandmother, a disc golf service program, and more. We are currently planning for a visit to the triangle for some college tours, a visit to Piedmont Wildlife Center, and some service for Veteran's Day weekend.” Take a look at their website:


Volunteer Avery County (VAC)- $295.00
About 23% of our Avery County Population lives in poverty. VAC is able to help provide the needs of almost of quarter of our county residents. Clients are screened to make sure the most needy are helped. The target population is any low-income resident of Avery County; the very young and very old are more likely to live in poverty. Sometimes a situation just does not fit with any funding criteria, and that is where VAC's flexibility is a great help. All funds come from donations. For more information, please call: 828-737-0718.


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